Building 21st century classrooms is never about the technology. Instead, the focus is always on using technology as a tool to enhance good teaching practices. The SAMR model is way for educators to ensure that our technology use is strengthening student learning and is not an "add on" for teachers.

Exploring Effective Technology Infusion

Use these three videos to help you begin to explore effective technology integration and the SAMR model:

Using Coding to meet outcomes: Up to Code

Reflecting on Practice

Use the Florida Centre for Instructional Technology matrix to reflect on your own use of technology in the classroom. This tool may be used to help direct your action plan for the 21st Century Competencies for 2014-2105.

Cool Tool Duels - Round One

- Featuring Doug Klassen and Terry Epp

Getting Started with Blogging. Here are some considerations:

Backchannels - infographic from Langwitches Blog

Backchannels: Self-assessment rubric