The shift into 21st Century Classrooms for some means the changing learning environments. In Saskatchewan, innovation and flexibility in terms of learning spaces are two words that frequently are used to describe the design of new schools in the province. In Regina, the Douglas Park School and in Warman, the Warman Community Middle School are two examples of this concept.

However, teachers in other schools can also embrace the fundamentals of this design approach in many unique ways.
Sue Lytle (Dinsmore), Mallory Antonenko (Biggar Central School), Rebecca Farrell (Kenaston) and Karen Morrison (Westberry) are 21st Century Educators who have transformed their learning spaces using some minor furniture changes that have had impact on student learning and engagement. For these teachers, tables, bean bag chairs, couches, and yoga ball seats are some ways in which educators can change their learning environment.

In Landis, Elrose and Outlook High, the learning environment has been changed with the implementation of PBL and inquiry into all subject areas.

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